Digital Supply Chain Award


The Digital Supply Chain Award is the competition organised for the fourth consecutive time at the Supply Chain Event, in which all exhibitors can participate free of charge. Its objective is to highlight the digital innovation offer in the supply chain.

The competition is being revamped and will take the form of pitchs hosted by Isabelle Fayolle, journalist and media trainer FAYOLLE MEDIAon December 4 from 10:00 to 11:30 in the Cube, with 3 stages of battles:

10:00 am : Quarter-finals

10:30 am : Semi-final

11:00 am : Final

The winner will be announced at the award ceremony on December 4 from 12:00 to 12:30 in Room 1.



Solution Name : MYTOWER

MyTower is a collaborative Digital Control Tower that covers the functionalities of a TMS (Transport Management System) plus the functionalities of a GTM (Global Trade Management) system coupled with a powerful connectivity module allowing it to communicate with an entire ecosystem of partners.


Intelligent modules complete MyTower to offer our customers optimization and decision support tools in addition to flow control and monitoring modules.


Solution Name : B2WISE

B2Wise is a supply chain planning software based on the Demand Driven method. It allows to manage in real time the whole Supply Chain from the raw material order to the delivery on time to the customers. The software provides a visible and collaborative execution of the supply chain.



The e-SCM Supplier Portal is a software dedicated to the fashion industry in general to control and manage outsourced production. The challenge is to satisfy the requirements of highly selective commercial competition and to be able to meet the specific demands of each customer to deliver in quantity, quality and time each of the points of sale of the distribution network.

With a single interface, e-SCM processes the production cycles specific to each of the Product divisions (ready-to-wear, men's, women's, children's, leather goods, luggage, glasses, jewellery, tableware, furniture decoration, etc.) and makes it possible to harmonize production monitoring between all suppliers supervised by a defined Quality Assurance.

The solution also ensures full traceability from the supply of the Raw Material to the delivery of the finished Product to the Warehouse. This data repository makes it possible to demonstrate a brand's CSR commitments.


Solution Name : BEVOLTA

The BEVOLTA solution is based on the following 3 complementary modules :

1. an automated diagnostic engine for the customer's global supply chain to identify the key products in the chain that will be the ROI levers and will help to drive the whole

2. A powerful ROI simulator that allows you to play with management parameters without risk and predict a ROI of the scenario once applied.

3. A control tower on a daily basis to monitor the recommendations calculated in real time by the system 



Build intelligent and self-correcting supply chains. First generation supply chains are good for automating and optimizing processes in functional silos, but the next chapter of digital transformation will require dynamic, responsive and interconnected supply chains to ecosystems and processes. To be successful, supply chain leaders must make bold progress in efficiency and resilience to disruptions. IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite provides end-to-end visibility, real-time information and recommended actions to transform interruptions into opportunities for customer engagement, growth and profit. It is an open and integrated platform that connects easily to your supplier ecosystem, while leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and blocking chain.


Solution Name : Cosmo Tech Supply Chain

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is a SaaS solution, developed on a unique and exclusive Enhanced Intelligence platform, that allows the creation of the digital twin of the global functioning of a complex production chain including all its assets, interconnections, constraints and flows. This virtual representation integrates the company's business processes, infrastructure, human and financial resources and uses the company's real data to optimize configurations to achieve given objectives and to test the impact of different actions on these same objectives. For example, production planners can optimize their initial production plan and identify key bottlenecks. Thanks to what-ifs scenarios, Cosmo Tech Supply Chain can anticipate the best future manufacturing strategies, and as a result, this digital twin ensures that each decision is optimal.


Nom de la Solution : EVEROAD

Everoad fait entrer le transport routier dans un nouveau paradigme. Sa solution digitale innovante met en relation tous types d’expéditeurs avec des PME du transport européen pour leur besoin spot et régulier.

Les sociétés expéditrices déposent simplement leurs lots sur la plateforme, qui trouvent un transporteur adapté à leurs besoins de chargement, de délai et de prix en 1h30 en moyenne. Une fois le lot accepté, l’expéditeur peut suivre en temps réel son lot via son tableau de bord personnalisé, outil de travail incontournable de tous nos clients expéditeurs.

Afin de maximiser le remplissage des véhicules, les PME du transport sont de leur côté alertés des offres postés sur les lignes qu’ils opèrent. Ils acceptent les lots en un clic et gèrent l’ensemble du transport en ligne, même la facturation pour être payé en 72h.

Les équipes opérationnelles d’Everoad s’appuient sur notre outil de prévention des risques pour assurer une qualité de service optimale, du chargement à la livraison.


Nom de la solution : OMNITRACK

Everysens propose une solution logicielle métier pour piloter la performance transport. A cela s'ajoute une marketplace d'intégrations de données diversifiées : Intégration des données capteurs loueurs émis depuis les wagons;  intégration des données de l’usine depuis les WMS; Intégration des données transport Lettre de voiture vers les entreprises ferroviaires. En plus du suivi en temps réel des trains à travers l'Europe, Everysens va plus loin avec sa toute nouvelle fonctionnalité et arrive en amont avec la planification du transport via la numérisation des lettres de voiture depuis un seul portail. Everysens gère désormais l'ensemble des processus de transport, de l'initiation à l'exécution en passant par l'analyse des performances. La Solution OMNITRACK dispose de 3 volets de fonctionnalités : la gestion de flotte, la gestion du transport et l’analyse de la donnée via des statistiques avancées, partout en Europe.


Solution Name : DDS LIVE

Having a real-time vision of transport is essential for many employees, especially if they are on the move, such as sales representatives, buyers, managers, etc.

To address these challenges, DDS has created the DDS Live mobile application, which provides real-time push alerts, tracking lists and KPIs. All this information can be customized according to the user's business and scope of activity.

Thus a sales representative will have access to the number of shipments made on his customer portfolio, alerts in case of delay and the list of orders in delivery today.

The application is available on Android and iOS and connects natively to DDS transport software.

With DDS Live, employees have permanent access to delivery information in the field, without overwhelming the logistics department with questions.


Solution Name : DOPI

DOPI is a platform for real-time monitoring and analysis of activity in buildings. Based on intelligent lighting systems, it collects movement data and environmental parameters, and uses artificial intelligence to provide a better understanding of the processes associated with travel in professional buildings.

If necessary, DOPI also provides capture solutions independent of lighting systems in order to collect the data it needs.


Solution Name : EVEROAD

Everoad brings road transport into a new paradigm. Its innovative digital solution connects all types of shippers with European transport SMEs for their spot and regular needs.

Shipping companies simply deposit their lots on the platform, which finds a carrier adapted to their loading, delivery and pricing needs in an average of 1h30. Once the batch has been accepted, the shipper can track his batch in real time via his personalised dashboard, an essential working tool for all our shipper customers.

In order to maximize vehicle filling, transport SMEs are alerted to offers posted on the lines they operate. They accept batches in one click and manage all online transport, including invoicing to be paid in 72 hours.

Everoad's operational teams rely on our risk prevention tool to ensure optimal service quality, from loading to delivery.


Solution Name : OMNITRACK

Everysens offers a business software solution to manage transport performance. In addition, there is a marketplace of diversified data integrations: Integration of rental sensor data issued from wagons; integration of factory data from WMS; integration of consignment note transport data to railway companies. In addition to real-time tracking of trains across Europe, Everysens goes further with its brand new functionality and comes upstream with transport planning via the scanning of consignment notes from a single portal. Everysens now manages all transport processes, from initiation to execution and performance analysis. The OMNITRACK Solution has 3 functionalities: fleet management, transport management and data analysis via advanced statistics, throughout Europe.


Solution Name : FLOWLITY

The solution is a SaaS-based software that significantly improves inventory management by positioning itself as an intelligent third party of trust between a company and its customers and suppliers. The tool links the data of the latter, then, through the implementation of a flow analysis solution, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms make recommendations and predictions that can be directly activated by the planners.

By having access to the inventory situation in real time with an analysis of current orders, Flowlity is thus able to anticipate the need and will allow to optimize orders as well as the repair of stocks within the warehouses in order to meet operational needs.


Solution Name : TPX (Trade Promotion Management & Optimisation)

TPx is a new generation promotion management solution that manages the lifecycle of end-to-end operations and synchronizes the supply chain with all the actors in the promotional process: from the development of the promotional plan to make the most of the marketing budget, through its operational management, to post-promotion analysis.


Solution Name : HUB ONE TRACECOLD = wireless temperature, humidity and light detection solution

To allow the temperature data to be transmitted by freeing itself from the installation in a vehicle of a concentrator/gateway in order to transmit the information. 



Supply Chain Guru offers multiple options to locate opportunities and inefficiencies in the Supply Chain. Using data from multiple sources, the user can create a true digital twin of his Supply Chain to visualize ongoing operations and discover new operational options or areas of inefficiency or risk. They can visualize their model in different ways using maps, views, graphs and dashboards, giving them the tools they need to reach consensus and make decisions in all Supply Chain functions. LLamasoft's all-in-one design engine uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize networks, product flows, service costs, inventory, production and transportation, end-to-end financial, cost and process modeling, and new site and demand analysis.



A mobile robot that interacts with its environment: TORU can store and collect small boxes individually on shelves. 

More information : Click here 


Sulution Name : KEEPTRACKING

KeepTracking is a modular, standardized and scalable traceability cloud application. The aim was to create a solution to track the movements of objects (parcels, shuttle boxes, etc.) carried out by a logistics service provider within and between the company's various sites. The application therefore makes it possible to obtain real-time reporting of the activity and thus reduce calls to know the position or delivery date of a package. The solution consists of an Android mobile application synchronized with the supervision application accessible from a simple browser. Today KeepTracking has three modules: Core, which is dedicated to general traceability through the use of 100% customizable forms, Delivery, which corresponds to the traceability of routes and finally Service, which is a module for managing service requests.


Solution name : Wearable industrial the lightest, smallest and most robust barcode reader in the world: MARK 

Our miniaturized barcode reader replaces the classic handheld scanner, allowing operators to have their hands free at all times, saving them valuable seconds with each scan. 


Solution Name : QAD DynaSys DSCP 

The QAD DynaSys DSCP solution natively offers powerful algorithms for optimizing the End To End supply chain. Its brand new version DSCP 2019, recently released on the market, offers as standard new optimization algorithms based on artificial intelligence and more particularly machine learning. This new machine learning solution covers, for example, "clustering" which allows articles to be grouped into homogeneous families according to their recency, frequency and amount and facilitates the construction of S&OP (forecast and production) families and other families useful for statistical forecast generation. In future versions, users will be able to define themselves the criteria according to which these families should be built.


Solution Name : SIMCAP

Some industrial resources are not predictable by traditional solutions such as ERP or APS because of their ambivalent nature (e.g. machine and storage place) and/or their fragmented use (e.g. human resources performing a wide variety of elementary tasks in parallel).


To meet these challenges, Redlog has developed a generic module for managing non-predictable resources "SimCap", developed using an approach that combines simulation and optimization techniques. 


In addition to providing visibility to managers for industrial tool management and strategic decision-making, SimCap allows them to create and manage scenarios that dynamically optimize the use of resources identified as critical.



Solution for real-time end-to-end tracking of containers allowing continuous visibility, efficient management and optimization of intercontinental transport.

The service includes:

- supply of low consumption, long autonomy, reusable IoT trackers that monitor the position and transport conditions (temperature, humidity, shocks, opening) of the containers.

- a SaaS Web platform (view/analyze container flows, real-time alerts of transport anomalies (delay, detour, sleeping container, non-compliant conditions, intrusion...)

- the trackers' return logistics service.

The service is based on the Sigfox IoT network with global coverage (> 70 countries), optimized energy consumption (ecological solution) and a very competitive information cost.

- a service of advanced data analysis (AI and algorithms), prescriptions for flow optimization solutions and decision support (transport incident management).  


Solution Name : sedApta Suite

The sedApta suite is an S&OP platform that supports the typical processes of an advanced supply chain:

- Demand management: demand forecasting (mathematical, statistical and collaborative)

- Inventory management: good calibration and replenishment plan for stocks

- Resource and supply planning: finite capacity production planning

- Order Promising: maintaining the reliability of promises to customers

- Web Supply Engine: strategy and decision sharing with suppliers for integrated planning

- Plant planning: precise planning and optimization of production phases

- Quartis M.E.S : real-time production monitoring, Green Factory, production data collection, traceability.


Solution Name: SHIPSTA

SHIPSTA is a platform that assists shippers throughout the Transport Purchase process. It makes it possible to digitise the process, which is often quite long and complex given the number of data exchanged with the various carriers offering their services for spot requests or calls for tenders.

This flexible, fast and secure platform ensures data quality, process speed and the evaluation of performance indicators.


Solution Name : Shiptify 

Shiptify offers a suite of solutions for supply chain actors: 

- Shipti-TMS (TMS Charger),

- Shipti-Dock (Quay and appointment management)

- Shipti-Spot (Spot purchases)

- Shiptify is available for all modes of transport: Air, Sea, Road, Rail


Solution Name : Sightness

Sightness is a SaaS solution that uses artificial intelligence to detect transport anomalies. Its vocation? 

- Enable companies to visualize and manage their transport performance in a comprehensive way (costs, respect of the customer promise, environmental impact), 

- Alert them in case of recurrent anomalies 

- Provide them with key decision-making support by identifying the root causes of problems and suggesting action plans.

To this end, Sightness collects and standardizes all relevant data, whether they are present within the company, at its service providers or even in open data (weather, traffic, etc...).

Sightness covers all modes of transport (air, land, sea), all types of transport (from express parcels to containers or full trucks), without geographical limits, and has déjà̀ some thirty customers, distributors, e-merchants or industrial leaders in their sector, such as L'Oréal France. 


Solution Name : SKU SCIENCE

SKU Science is the first business intelligence solution for the Supply Chain to easily manipulate all past and future data.

The functionalities are as follows:

- Intelligent data import based on machine learning

Each client can have a different file format.

- Demand forecasting

The company calculates the forecasts to automatically select the most appropriate one for each SKU or product family.

- Stock planning

Depending on the stock policy of each item, SKU Science determines the replenishment period and the number of units to be ordered or manufactured.

- Calculation of KPIs

SKU Science calculates KPIs such as excess stock, shortages, dead stock, stock coverage, bias and forecast error.

- Creating custom reports

Our platform allows the creation of customized reports from all the data listed above, without any particular computer knowledge.



STA and STU are part of a family of products dedicated to "Smart Tracking", i. e. the tracking and monitoring of advanced mobile assets, combining multiple sensors, geolocation, long-distance radio telecommunications with very low energy consumption.


Solution Name : TK'Blue, a platform for transport labelling and rating services

TK'Blue's SaaS platform allows the calculation and reduction of the environmental and societal impact of transport. Shippers and forwarders import flow data from their transport operations onto the latter 24/7 and carry out the precise calculation in real time: 

- the volume of greenhouse gases emitted, Nox, Sox and pollutants 

- the cost of the societal impact of their negative externalities (noise, congestion and accidents). 

The richness of relational databases, optimized by the logic and power of Artificial Intelligence, dynamically links carrier data to shippers' data; it allows them to gradually improve their collaboration by sharing action and progress plans. 

The platform offers a unique solution that allows all actors in the transport chain to achieve their environmental and CSR objectives, but also to improve their economic and logistical performance. 


Solution Name : Urbantz

Urbantz represents the latest innovation in terms of logistics solutions. Its powerful SAAS platform provides companies with the most efficient way to manage their complex first and last mile delivery operations. Connected to their entire ecosystem, the technology provides the real-time capabilities that all stakeholders need to achieve logistical excellence.

The offers are aimed at both large groups but also at middle markets and promising start-ups. Users of this platform focus on the essential: customer satisfaction.



It is a SaaS solution specialized in inventory and procurement optimization. More precisely, this solution offers an efficient automated replenishment, calculated by Artificial Intelligence engines and taking into account the various logistical constraints.

These engines take into account the sales forecasts calculated daily by the Machine Learning algorithms developed by our Lab unit. To do this, the entire customer data is automatically and continuously ingested by the solution.

On the user interface side, the solution was designed around strategic and operational supervision dashboards. Users can thus understand the solution's recommendations, explore them, or even modify them with a work by exception, with the help of an intelligent alerting system.


Solution Name : Wakeo

Wakeo consolidates all transport providers on a central platform. Beyond data aggregation, Wakeo makes information more reliable and enriches it from independent sources including AIS/satellite data, from port authorities or third-party IoT sensors. 

More precisely, the tool uses AIS or satellite data to track ships and aircraft, and can also connect to truck on-board GPS or IoT systems (partner networks: LoRaWAN, Sigfox, GSM). 

The solution then uses in-house algorithms to calculate dynamic ETAs and send proactive alerts to operational teams or customers. These allow them to anticipate delays and manage contingencies by exception. 

Wakeo also provides an Analytics module to objectify the service level of service providers and identify levers for improvement to reduce lead times.


Jean-Paul Ballet

VP Service delivery Industrialisation


Christophe Poutiers

Operations Director


David Perruche

International Logistics Director


François-Régis Le Tourneau

Coporate Supply Chain Standards and Prospective Director


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Logistics Projects Director



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VP Supply Chain


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Supply-Chain E-Commerce Director


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Supply Chain Director


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City Centre Supply Chain Director



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Directeur Logistique




Logistic Director 


« The world, our customers, our products are evolving faster and faster... It is vital for a logistics organization to remain agile and flexible. The Digital Award by SCE is a real showcase of new technologies adapted to the Supply Chain. They make it possible to calibrate and imagine the logistics of tomorrow. Predictivity, Internet of Things, real-time information are the future assets of a logistics system of excellence »