Digital Supply Chain Award



The Digital Supply Chain Award is the sixth consecutive competition at the Supply Chain Event, where all exhibitors can participate for free.

Its objective is to highlight the offer of digital innovation in the supply chain.

In front of a jury composed of several Supply Chain managers and major buyers, the candidates will present their products and services to try to win the Digital Supply Chain Award 2021!

The 2021 Jury

Discover the members of the jury for the 2021 edition of the Digital Supply Chain Awards!

Sébastien Bellone

Transport & Reverse Logistics Director

Serge Canaple

Supply Chain & Operations Director

inmac wstore

Albert de Villedon

Warehouse Manager, Inbound flows, Co-packing, E-commerce


Lucas Gaurichon

Head of Supply Chain


Delphine Gellé

Supply Chain Director


Catherine Hoyez

Senior Manager - Supply Chain Optimization


Didier Jourdan

Global Supply Chain Analytics CoE Head 


Jérôme Laprée

Category Manager Supply Chain LVMH

Valérie Le Blanc

Senior Leader Logistics and Distribution Leader


Pauline Lechertier

Director of Operations / Supply Chain

Vitakraft France

Hervé Leygnac

Logistic Director

Laboratoires Cooper

Philippe Morel

Business Development Manager

EPG - Ehrhardt Partner Group (laureate 2020)

Bertrand Regnauld

Supply Chain Manager


Elie Saint Charles

Head of the SUPPLY CHAIN MCO-A engineering division

Military Aeronautical Maintenance Department

Ministère des armées

Candidates for the 2021 Digital Supply Chain Award

Discover the different candidates for the 2021 edition of the Digital Supply Chain Awards and their solutions!

CRC Services


CoLivRi is a web platform, made up of 4 modules: a strategic optimization module allowing to simulate different transport organizations or any type of logistics change; a tactical optimization module which translates this strategy to an operational level; a workflow module tracing all flows from dispatch to delivery, and finally a KPIs module aimed at monitoring and controlling performance under cost, GES, services and flow axes.


INES - Warehouse Optimization

INES - WAREHOUSE OPTIMIZATION based on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence, is an innovative solution for optimizing storage spaces, predicting load plans and also operational sizing of activities. This allows, for example, to optimize order preparation schedules.


Transport Visibility Management System

Blind logistics management is no longer inevitable: field data becomes available in real time. However, to help operational teams cope with transport hazards, visibility must still be built into the processes. Thanks to its unique technology for data-driven decision making (Digital Twin + AI), Everysens Transport & Visibility Management System (TVMS) makes shipper operations more efficient and resilient.


FuturMaster Demand Planning et Demand Sensing Nouvelle Génération (technologie Bloom)

FuturMaster's “new generation” Demand Planning and Demand Sensing solutions reduce demand volatility and improve the reliability of sales forecasts with a disruptive new way of calculating forecasts. The latter is based on a "data-driven" approach, thanks to the use of exogenous data which influences the demand, and of Machine Learning algorithms which integrate the impact of this exogenous data and adjust forecasts.



The TRK-Tracer-LC is a self-weighing, autonomous and connected logistics bin. It allows the location of containers and production monitoring, simplifies operations thanks to Pick-To-light but, from now on, also makes it possible to be informed in real time of stock status and to ensure replenishment automatically.


TAO – Territory Analytics & Optimization

Kardinal's “Territory Analytics & Optimization” solution is a strategic sectorization solution dedicated to messaging players. The solution combines mapping, analysis and algorithms to provide agency managers with the visibility and decision support they need to manage and optimize the activity of their territory.


ytem for Food

The SaaS-based solution provides real-time visibility into the entire life cycle of food products: from their raw materials to processing, storage and distribution to restaurants and large or small food stores. The software tracks key data (Key Data Elements or KDE) and critical events (Critical Tracking Events or CTE) throughout the supply chain.


ELISA, la solution prédictive IA pour diminuer la complexité de la décision dans la supply chain

ELISA is a collaborative AI platform for modeling the issues encountered throughout the Supply Chain. It decreases the complexity of the decision by proposing different decision support scenarios. To achieve this, it relies on algorithms depending on the chosen problem. Developed under a collaborative “white box” concept, it allows the forecaster and planner to assess and choose solutions in response to the vagaries of the supply chain.



We created the ... Warehouse Doctolib! An ultra simple tool for making a transporter appointment on a logistics or industrial site. Some customer references: ManoMano, Lyreco, Alstom, Safran, Oscaro.

FOR THE CUSTOMER: complete planning, smoothing and traceability of their receipts> Gains in productivity and quality. FOR THE CARRIER: less waiting time on site, Ultra fast booking (80% of bookings made in less than 20 seconds). CHERRY ON THE CAKE: a solution implemented in 30 to 45 minutes per site!



Low-code is a visual approach to application and software development. Mendix is a low-code software platform that provides tools for building, testing, deploying, and iterating applications. Mendix also integrates an API marketplace to third-party applications to further facilitate application development. Customers benefit from a free test platform before the application is deployed.


Ligne d'induction robotisée haut débit pour petits paquets

The robotic induction line automates manual induction stations up to 2,500 packages / hour. The line uses the existing parcel feed. The packages are identified by a vision system and then seized by a pick and place robot which injects them into the sorter. This line is compatible with any type of deposit and can be installed on existing sorting systems without modifying the management system. It can be equipped with a package facing system.



SPECTRE GATE, the 1st 100% mobile and autonomous gantry for your logistics traceability applications. It combines the best of RFID technology with a mobile and communicating gantry solution. It is designed to meet the specific needs of Industry 4.0 by optimizing supply chain processes. This connected gantry accelerates, makes reliable and automates the traceability of logistics flows and allows the prioritization of the order of loading of containers (pallets, rolls, flycase, etc.).



Logistic Director 


« The world, our customers, our products are evolving faster and faster... It is vital for a logistics organization to remain agile and flexible. The Digital Award by SCE is a real showcase of new technologies adapted to the Supply Chain. They make it possible to calibrate and imagine the logistics of tomorrow. Predictivity, Internet of Things, real-time information are the future assets of a logistics system of excellence »