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Conference themes of SCE 2024

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14 & 15 nov. 2023 - Paris - Porte de Versailles - Pav. 5.2 & 5.3


Forecasting/Planning and Decision Support

The Covid years and the war in Ukraine have reminded us that the forecasting/planning process is far from simple. In this somewhat chaotic environment, digital solutions are being fine-tuned to better support businesses in their decision-making at the operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Facets of the Warehouse 4.0

With the rise of omni-channel systems, warehouses need to become more productive and more attractive to intralogistics operators. Warehouse management (WMS), automation and robotisation systems, and a host of connected solutions, offer rival innovations to boost the operational and environmental performance of the Warehouse 4.0.

Visibility and Transport Management 

Both upstream and downstream, real-time and end-to-end visibility of supplier and transport flows is essential to effectively manage transport flows and deliveries and to increase the responsiveness and resilience of the supply chain management, while ensuring excellent customer service. Digital technology is at the heart of these transformations, through transport management systems (TMS) or collaborative platforms.

Digital at the heart of CSR challenges

A change of direction is underway. Supply chain managers are no longer solely obsessed with operational excellence. At every level, they now have to deal with requirements associated with decarbonisation in the face of global warming, and the attempt to make their profession more attractive, against a backdrop of a shortage of talent. Digital tools and new approaches based on the circular economy are there to help them put their CSR initiatives into practice, and to help them evaluate, optimise and transform their supply chain management in a sustainable and responsible way.